Personal Bio

Having left my undergraduate studies including Women’s studies, Global Politics and Philosophy with a desire to explore the world, I was inspired and irrevocably changed by my travels and time spent in the developing world. The generosity of spirit, aliveness and sense of community that I experienced in the context of material adversity profoundly shaped my worldview in my early twenties. 

I have retained a love of travel and respect for the wisdom, resilience and diversity of experience of people from other cultures. 

A love of the natural world is a source of wonder and revitalisation as is creativity, a trusted companion through life’s trials and tribulations; painting, weaving, photography and writing are all avenues for self- expression, reflection and inspiration. I relish bringing these mediums into my working life.

My children, husband, extended family, great friendships and good food enrich my life, for which I feel deep and abiding gratitude. 


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